Satisfied Clients 2017/18 Satisfied Clients 2017/18 My First Boar After two years and many outings standing waiting for a Boar to appear i was finally rewarded with this beast. Cheers Geoff. 204552520 Doug;s first Deer We were in the high seat before daylight, it was freezing cold but after a long wait Doug managed to shoot his first deer, 204592458 Dany gets the job done. We sat in the high seat at first light but despite seeing plenty of slots nothing showed, so we decided to go for breakfast. returning to the estate we decided to stalk one of the large woods and were soon seeing deer.We stalked into this fallow doe and waited until she was in the right position before talking the shot. 204603762 Doug strikes again We slowly made our way along a track through the wood it was wet and slippery but quiet under foot, the deer were trotting along in front of us. I put Doug in a position and told him to get the rifle up on the sticks while i walked off at an angle, the trick worked and the deer walked towards the waiting gun a shot rang out and Doug had shot his second deer. 204643403 Steve gets the job done. Despite high winds and rain Steve turned up on time and was rewarded by shooting this Fallow doe. then the hard work began, while i went for the quad Steve dragged the animal out of the plantation and up the bank ready for extraction. 204683252 A good mornings work Steve walked quietly towards a high seat and saw this sorrel limping alongside the wood, he put the rifle on the bipod and crawled into a shooting position, the animal dropped on the spot 204703689 First deer from the new highseat We decided to try something different so i dropped steve off and he walked down to a highseat just inside the wood, i drove to the other end of the wood and started slowly stalking towards him, i let him know on the radio that i was on my way, the deer were trotting ahead of me and eventually a doe stepped out in front of him, ans he took the shot. 204703690 Vincent's doe My son Vince came out for a days stalking, the early morning sessions in a High seat produced nothing, so we decided to go for a woodland stalk. We only stalked for about five minutes when a group of Fallow stepped out onto the track behind us, and Vince took the shot. 204835150 Dani's Pricket After a long woodland stalk Dani managed to shoot this fine Pricket, he took the animal for his own consumption and later sent a photograph of the animal all butchered ready for the freezer. 204957252 Level 2 Stalk I shot this Doe as part of my dsc level two qualification. two down one to go. 204957253 A walk in the woods Took Ali for a woodland stalk but despite seeing many deer a shot did not present itself, but what a lovely day to be out in the countryside. 205053236 ICR three complete This Pricket was my final cull animal for this season and also the last needed to finish my dsc2. 205053237 A nice end to the season Steve ended the season by shooting this Buck across a valley he managed to slide a bullet between the branches and the Buck dropped on the spot, on inspection we found that the animal had a broken leg that had healed at a strange angle, so a good one to take 205053239