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The Deer population in Kent and Sussex since the Covid lockdown is becoming a real problem. Damage to crops, forestry, orchards and gardens has reached unacceptable levels.

Deer related road traffic accidents are an everyday occurrence and lives are lost in Sussex each year, one hotspot being Ashdown Forest. 

It is a sad fact that with no natural enemies, deer levels must be kept under control and the most humane method is a well placed shot from a high powered rifle,

If you are having problems with deer damage on your land, we can provide humane deer management. A quick email or call and we will visit you at your convenience and assess the situation.

In the past we have not charged for our service as we have sold the carcasses to cover costs.

Unfortunately at the moment the market is flooded with cheap foreign imports and game dealers are not taking locally shot animals.

Fortunately for us we have a large client base who are happy to pay for their stalking outings and take the Venison home for their own consumption.

So providing you are happy with this we can still offer a free service.

Sadly The Image Above Is becoming a common sight on roads throughout Kent and Sussex and human lives are lost each year.

The image on the left Shows typical Deer damage caused by a

Buck rubbing his antlers against the tree trunk to remove velvet, this is known as fraying.



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