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 Stalking with Kent & Sussex Deer Control Posted on the stalking Directory by regular client, David Sadler

Its always a sad day when one reaches the end of a season.....well the end of the season for me that is as work commitments and a well deserved holiday will see me through to the close of the season.

So yesterday was the last time I was going to be able to get out after the fallow, so with a day booked with Sussex deer control and accompanied by the lovely Ali (a lady stalker a rare breed) we set off for the day.

To be fair on all we saw plenty of fallow all day but as most will know with the time of year the fallow are so switched on and the dry weather leaving a very crispy woodland ground cover, getting onto them was hard enough let along getting into a shootable beast. Despite both Ali and myself having raised the rifle during the day neither of us was offered the opportunity to squeeze the trigger.

With the day reaching an end we headed to another ground to all sit up in a high seat for the evening watch. Its these moments when you have time to reflect of our busy lives and switch off and enjoy the countryside and what a beautiful country we do live in. Whilst enjoying my thoughts I watched a fox work his way across the field and pass right under my high seat, no the wiser to my presence.

Before the evening settled out stepped a lovely beast and stood on his own for a while surveying the ground before walking out to feed. Raising the rifle I lined the cross hairs on him and squeezed of the round, heard the solid "thwack" keeping him in the sights I watched him run 40 yards before watching him go down. My shot pushed the heard which were still in cover down the field into the waiting guns of both Geoff and Ali who managed to bag a beast each.

All I can say is that it was a fitting end to a fantastic fallow season for myself....I am reminded of a comment by Geoff's who said "we aim to be the best" well all I can say is once again thanks for offering the service you do and I can only look forward to next season.

Taken from a post on Stalking Directory, Who would you most like to stalk with,

Chasey Replied.

Kent and Sussex Deer Control.

Best value stalking I have ever done and fantastic support from them both. They stand out a long way from other pro's I have shot with. Some good some bad but and they give the feeling its less of a buisness and more of a passion.



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