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The Stalker Kit

I am often asked what kit i carry in my jacket, so lets have a look. In my right hand pocket I have a magazine and spare ammunition, a head torch and a small bottle of soapy water and flannel, in the left a small video camera. In the left side chest pocket I have a sharp swingblade knife and rubber gloves, on the left inside chest pocket I have roe and fox calls, also copies of both firearms and shotgun certificates, on the right chest pocket I have plasters and bandage and a strip of Paracetamol just in case, in my left chest pocket I have a face mask and small handheld radio transmitter,

In the rear poachers pocket I have a drag rope and harness, gloves and warm balaclava and a few plastic bags.



My Rifle is a Sako S20 in .270W with a Swarovski Z6i scope and s Wildcat sound moderator,

And a four shot magazine.

Binoculars are Vortex Fury HD5000 LR 10 x 42

I use Viperflex quad sticks

My jacket and trousers are Harkila Pro Hunter, my hat is a felt broad rimmed Stetson which stops the rain from running down my neck.

Which Calibre Stalking Rifle should i buy ?

Having used hunting Rifles for many years I have come to the conclusion that for stalking a rifle with a synthetic stock, and sound moderator topped with a top quality scope suits my needs very well.

In the uk the law states that the minimum calibre rifle for Deer stalking is .240 but amongst the many calibres three stand out the .243win .270 win and the 308win, so lets consider these three.

First the .243Winchester used by Professional stalkers and foxers it is a very popular choice, easy to buy ammunition, flat shooting, light recoil, bullets range from a 58gn vmax to a 100gn soft point for stalking, due to the small diameter of the round shot placement is paramount. Ammunition easy to obtain in Europe,

Next the .270win, Minimum calibre recommended for wild Boar in the uk, Flat shooting, hard hitting Favoured by hill stalkers, easy to reload, bullets range from 90 to 180gn but the 130gn soft point takes a lot of beating for larger animals,

Some people claim that the calibre has heavy recoil but I have not found this to be the case in fact my wife shoots very well with the .270win, ammunition easy to obtain in Europe.

Last but not least the .308win probably the most versatile calibre made, bullets range from 90 to 200gn with 150gn being most popular, hard hitting, soft recoil, as yet not a popular calibre in Europe. But in 2014 it was accepted as a hunting calibre in France so thing might change, but if you are going hunting in Europe take plenty of ammunition as it is hard to find especially in France


All three Calibres shoot very well and for the Professional stalker or foxer who occasionally shoots deer the .243win it is a great choice,

The .270win has Great knock down power and if you are shooting large fallow at last light or long distance it is a great choice

As they often drop on the spot,

The 308Win is a great all round calibre and for the stalker shooting mainly Fallow and reds the 150gn soft point is a good choice, For Roe a 90gn is ideal

And for wild boar an 180gn soft point does the job,

So if you want just one Rifle The jack of all trades .308win takes some beating

But I must admit I do like my .270win.

Useful Links

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Swarovski Rifle Scopes and Binoculars are in our opinion the best that money can buy. Not cheap but will last a lifetime,

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Sauer Rifles, I have been using these rifles for many years and i really can't fault them. Great accuracy, and a pleasure to use.

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